DJ Beardly

Weddings. Themed parties. School dances. You call it and we’ll supply everything you need to make your event spectacular.

DJ Beardly

Jonathan, aka DJ Beardly, has spent most of his life involved in music in one capacity or another.

Teenage life – pushing faders for friends bands.

Twenties life – recording and producing music in Santa Cruz, CA.

Present life – DJ & Audio Engineer all over the state of Colorado.

DJ Cache Monet

“Hey! My name is Cache, DJ Cache Monet and I have a license to rock your party! 

Music is my passion, I have been curating playlists and Jammin the AUX cord in the car for years. Sharing music with people is in my humble opinion my purpose in life. A mission I started out back at my college days at Colorado Mesa University where I graduated with a bachelor’s in Mass Comm. There I hosted several radio shows among working for other media clubs. Honestly, I don’t play any instruments and they only let me sing in the shower, however, my time on the radio revealed something that I had already known. Being a curator of music can be just as important as playing an instrument. A vast library of music and the deft touch to pick the right song for you is what I offer. So let us dig into this music stash with DJ Cache Monet. there’s a lot of songs to dance to in there

The Experience

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